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The story of My Swabhimaan is a group of ordinary people pursuing an extraordinary cause and creating a movement. It all started with a young man and his wife from a humble background with dreams of helping the less privileged to fulfill their dreams which soon turned into a magic. They came forward to help Blind People’s Association to reach out to people with disabilities who were dependent on their families. What started out as volunteering for small projects like arranging a DJ party for the students of the BPA turned into a movement for making people independent. The movement was called “My Swabhiman” which means My self-respect. The concept was clear, to never be an NGO but to add value to BPA’s work so that there are no operating costs and for all gifts received, the impact of every rupee is visible. Helping with transport allowance, fees and therapy help for kids with severe disabilities, transparency & openness led the group of helpers growing larger. My Swabhiman now helps around 500 persons with disabilities annually in setting up small businesses like a tea stall, vegetable and grocery vending, plumbing, tailoring etc.

My Swabhimaan began as a wonderful stream of a deep, sincere & selfless desire to do some good for the needy.
Started by just one who has given so much of himself to it, that it has now gathered many other waters and has become a river already.
Come, join & bathe in this pure flow.

– Mr. Sunil Parekh (Consultant to Zydus, ex CII HEAD )

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All donations to Us are 50% tax exempted under section 80G of the Income-Tax Act 1961.
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