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The Story Behind Our Story

My swabhimaan started their association to support Blind People’s Association (BPA), one of the the most reputed charity, 15 years ago, with a thought, that the specially-abled children should have their own fresher’s dance party and it was magic as contributions poured in and people joined hands, making the event a grand success with the best of light, sound and food and the fun continued year after year.

From third year My swabhimaan identified a cause for their existence and sustainability under the guidance of Mr. Bhushan Punani & Mrs. Nandini Raval of Blind People’s Association.

The cause was to help those who were helped by BPA and keep BPA’s effort of sustainability continuous even when students leave BPA. It was to take over after BPA and ensure:

  • After 12th standard students of BPA get further admission, a place to stay and can travel when needed.
  • They get medication and the needy are taken care off.
  • To support BPA without any operating costs to ensure every paisa of the donations received is spent on impact creation.
  • To create sustained donors by getting them meet the beneficiaries so that they remain in touch.
  • And keep the freshers dance party alive each year


Yes, My Swabhimaan became a success and soon it saw a tremendous crease in a number of people needing help which needed sustained flow of donations but in last 13 years, there has not been a single year that My Swahimaan not been able to help to any person, for lack of funds.

So now there were 2 sides of the coin, one a full-fledged dance party which caters to over 550 kids with special abilities & other where the funds were collected to ensure the people in need are helped.

My Swabhimaan remains a group of like-minded people where group members ensure every rupee donated though My Swabhimaan gets separately accounted and has an open and transparent environment where everyone is invited to contribute and every rupee donated will go exactly where you wish.

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